Nabisco - 360VR Campaign
Oreo Wonder Vault, 2016

Oreo Wonder Vault” to explain the magical origins of their cupcake-flavored OREO cookies

Strategy & Goal

  • Part of the overall awareness campaign for
    new product launch
  • Complimented by Google cardboard at retail experience
  • Distributed to public as ongoing campaign on YoutubeVR

3, 196, 692 views


Nestle- 360VR Campaign
Caillier chocolate & Nestcafe Tour, 2016

Strategy & Goal

  • Partnership with Google
  • Deepening current product knowledge
  • Google cardboard distribution
  • Complimented pop-up retail locations
  • Dedicated VR website launched
  • Dedicated app launched


Post Cereals- 360VR Campaign
Fruity Pebbles

Strategy & Goal

  • Promotion of exiting product
  • PR for brand
  • Used existing asset, stitched-in Pebbles Assets 
  • Shared on VR ad networks (StartApp)

Boursin Cheese- 360VR Campaign
Boursin Sensorium, 2015

The Boursin Sensorium virtual reality experience takes you on a magical ride through a food lovers fridge, packed with the fresh ingredients included in Boursin original recipes. Immerse yourself in these ingredients as you soar through herb forests, skip over cranberries, and get up close to the bursting peppercorns.

The marketing campaign earning them the Masters of Marketing award in 2015. Boursin worked to deploy the same video in shopping malls and let people come and experience it.
Strategy & Goal

  • Product awareness campaign, for existing products
  • Complimented retail experience
  • Full 'Sensorium' VR booths installed at trade shows, viewers would also be able to 'smell the cheese',
  • Reaction videos were distributed afterwards
  • Launched as VR app


120, 000 views


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