Consumer insights

1. Test content pre-release


2. Target the right audience


3. Create the perfect experience

Tap into our deep network of audience insights. For advertisers, brands, agencies and filmmakers looking to get content in front of an objective audience. We track viewer behavior, gaze, user enjoyment and affinity. Don't sweat, the sessions are private and we never release the results to anyone but you and your organization.

We offer several tiers of consumer insights, from anonymized raw data and heatmaps to advanced analytics and reporting.


80% of viewers leave an experience within the first 10 seconds because the content was poor due to stitching, speed, sound, etc. Are you losing users? Use our tools to rapidly prototype your content, test on the right audience and release with confidence!

Filmmaking insights

1. Pre-visualization & storyboarding

2. Understand what drives attention.


3. Fine-tune your creative

We've worked with top filmmakers from LumiereVR, Google Jump VR and more to help them test and analyze their 360 VR stories. We connect you with audiences to rapidly screen your film and provide feedback.

Want to see how your spatial audio is performing? Or perhaps what effects that one visual element creates? Don't wait until you release to find out, start testing with our audiences now.

VR is a nascent medium for viewers; most users don't have the emobied behavior of 'looking around' and most feel anxious when transported to a VR story.
Heatmaps reveal where most users spent their time and help visualize what users care about throughout your narrative, and where they get frustrated and bored. Use our plugin to start improving today!

stay tuned more solutions & info coming!