Who is alice

Alice is a super-friendly, advanced recommendation platform to help marketing agencies and brands manage and distribute their VR advertising campaigns. Alice solves the problems of industry fragmentation, distribution and monetization. 

How Alice helps you

Its simple. Alice asks you a few questions and recommends the VR marketing strategy for your brand or agency.
She sifts through the existing platforms to find the best fit for your marketing goals and helps you distribute to the right platform and the right audience. In short, she helps you with:

-Recommending strategy based on your budget and content

-Working with your marketing objectives like building brand awareness or sales

-Optimizing your creative to fit the right platform for the right audience

Alice is so intelligent she even learns how to target your audience on the fly by leveraging the powerful Retinad analytics plugin which powers leading brands and advertisers.  

She helps you surface which audiences are responding well to your content, creating complete profiles of your viewers and even helps you re-target across your other ad platforms.

Learn more about alice

Alice is evolving quickly, keep up to date with this leading technology by sending us an email to hello@retinadvr.com