Whether you have VR content or want to get started with a VR marketing campaign, our advanced artificial intelligence bot, Alice, is thrilled to get started with you.

How does Alice Work?

Alice asks you a few questions related to your campaign goal and budget, and within seconds recommends the best VR marketing strategy for your brand or agency. 


Choose from our database or import your own media:

We connect you to the best stock images and videos for you to create with and easily get started with a project.

Already have content?
Our Authoring Tool allows easy brand insertion & interactive hotspots to link to other content or e-commerce site.



Silk formats & deploys your media across appropriate channels, ensuring it looks the best on each platform.

No more step-by-step uploads and choppy performance. Only the right content in the right place.

Have an on-site experiential marketing campaign?

Silk has the tools to easily get started and managing your next big hit at a trade-show or retail space.


Our robust, industry-leading advanced analytics platform captures unique performance metrics of your experience by measuring human behavioral response to the content -- with no additional hardware required.

This data is used to optimize live campaigns
and even recommend new distribution channels so you get the most out of your experience and are always getting in front of the right audience.


Want to test before launching your campaign? Using our consumer-insights tool, simply choose your core demographic, number of desired testers (up to 40), and get results within 48 hours.




Silk identifies the channels that you may have missed or new opportunities you could be leveraging.

For example, using the same VR asset you could also be publishing across existing ad-networks to help you monetize your media more appropriately. 

We have even created our own premium network, Cashmere, used at VR-arcades, helping you maximize ad-spend through guaranteed attention and viewability.