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Virtual Reality Analytics

Intelligent Data for Advertisers, Agencies and Creatives


Virtual Reality Analytics

Intelligent Data for Advertisers, Agencies and Creatives


our data REVEALS behavior

We unravel behavior in 360 VR content, tracking across mobile devices and VR headsets to increase conversion, improve engagement and enable retention.


Retinad helps pioneers make sense of Virtual & Augmented Reality

Take the guess-work out of data & analytics

Advanced A.I. Drives Deep insights


Analyze Your Creative

Track visual cues and know what is driving value

Heatmaps show where your users look

Segment users based on receptiveness


Understand Your Users

Compare content performance across platforms

Track device type, location and hardware metrics

Measure engagement scores and track boredom


Drive Revenue

Work with our preferred ad-networks to monetize your content

Re-target your most engaged users

Drive in-app purchases at optimal moments



Much like data that exists on the web, mobile, television or on any screen around us, virtual reality  and augmented reality experiences can also be unlocked to deliver essential information, and answer your organization's important questions: 

  • How do my users behave?

  • What part of the content performs the best?

  • How can I better target my audience?



Simple Integration. No Code Required.
Works with all headsets and every 360VR format.
Start tracking essential information across devices in minutes.






Gather Data On
Mobile & VR Headsets


Reports Delivered
Right to Your Inbox


JUSt want the DATA? Say hello to our api


Real-time data with multiple endpoints

Integrate with your favorite tools like Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Tableau, DMPs and ad-networks

Gaze-data and behavioral metrics complement click-through rate and unveil a complete user journey 


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Consumer insights

1. Test content pre-release


2. Target the right audience


3. Create the perfect experience

Tap into our deep network of audience insights. For advertisers, brands, agencies and filmmakers looking to get content in front of an objective audience. We track viewer behavior, gaze, user enjoyment and affinity. Don't sweat, the sessions are private and we never release the results to anyone but you and your organization.

We offer several tiers of consumer insights, from anonymized raw data and heatmaps to advanced analytics and reporting.


80% of viewers leave an experience within the first 10 seconds because the content was poor due to stitching, speed, sound, etc. Are you losing users? Use our tools to rapidly prototype your content, test on the right audience and release with confidence!

Filmmaking insights

1. Pre-visualization & storyboarding

2. Understand what drives attention.


3. Fine-tune your creative

We've worked with top filmmakers from LumiereVR, Google Jump VR and more to help them test and analyze their 360 VR stories. We connect you with audiences to rapidly screen your film and provide feedback.

Want to see how your spatial audio is performing? Or perhaps what effects that one visual element creates? Don't wait until you release to find out, start testing with our audiences now.

VR is a nascent medium for viewers; most users don't have the emobied behavior of 'looking around' and most feel anxious when transported to a VR story.
Heatmaps reveal where most users spent their time and help visualize what users care about throughout your narrative, and where they get frustrated and bored. Use our plugin to start improving today!

stay tuned more solutions & info coming!

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Getting Started with the Retinad Data Collector


Getting Started with the Retinad Data Collector


Step by step integration

1. Integration

2. Configuration

3. Dashboard

Drag and drop the Retinad_DataCollector prefab in the very first scene of the application.

Click on the prefab from the scene hierarchy view.
Fill in the App ID and Account key that you received in your inbox automatically from Retinad.

Data from the data collector is visualized via the Retinad dashboard.
Create an account via our dashboard

how to use

Regular Behavior

Each scene is treated as a what we call a context.
The name of the context refers to the name of the scene.
By default, the Data Collector will track the main camera.
If there is no MainCamera in the scene, it will track the first camera found.

Override the behavior of the Data Collector with the help of several methods and properties available in the RetinadVR C# class.

To verify whether the plugin has been correctly installed and is collecting data, log in to your developer account (Retinad Dashboard) 

Manual Mode


Test Headset

Types of Data Collected

Business Intelligence Data

Performance Data

Behavioral Data

-Platform, wiews, taps, completion rate, average time-watched, installs

-Device ID, headset type, device type, OS, CPU, GPU, FPS

-Time-spent, time-earned, visual & audio success, movement score, activity score, focus score




Retinad Virtual Reality Case Studies & White Papers

VR: Ad-Recall & Ad-Decay


Retinad: Google for Work Case Study


industry Case Studies

Nabisco - 360VR Campaign
Oreo Wonder Vault, 2016
to explain the magical origins of their cupcake-flavored OREO cookies"

Strategy & Goal

  • Part of awareness campaign for new product launch
  • Complemented by Google cardboard in stores
  • Distributed to public as ongoing campaign on YoutubeVR

3, 196, 692 views


Nestle- 360VR Campaign
Caillier chocolate & Nestcafe Tour, 2016

Strategy & Goal

  • Partnership with Google
  • Deepening current product knowledge
  • Google cardboard distribution
  • Complemented by pop-up retail locations
  • Dedicated VR website launched
  • Dedicated app launched


Post Cereals- 360VR Campaign
Fruity Pebbles

Strategy & Goal

  • Promotion of existing product
  • PR for brand
  • Used existing asset, stitched-in Pebbles photo assets 
  • Shared on VR ad networks (StartApp)

Coca-Cola- 360VR Campaign
Christmas Ad Campaign 2016

Boursin Cheese- 360VR Campaign
Boursin Sensorium, 2015

The Boursin Sensorium virtual reality experience takes you on a magical ride through a food lovers fridge, packed with the fresh ingredients included in Boursin original recipes. Immerse yourself in these ingredients as you soar through herb forests, skip over cranberries, and get up close to the bursting peppercorns.

The marketing campaign earning them the Masters of Marketing award in 2015, Boursin deployed the same experience in shopping malls to allow people to come and experience it.
Strategy & Goal

  • Product awareness campaign, for existing products
  • Complemented retail experience
  • Full 'Sensorium' VR booths installed at trade shows, viewers would also be able to 'smell the cheese'
  • Reaction videos were distributed afterwards
  • Launched as VR app


120, 000 views


On-board for free with our new Dashboard




Our mission IS


We're on a deep quest researching and discovering the language of immersive media:
virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Founded in 2014, we've developed a robust data analytics platform used by industry giants to help them test, measure and improve their virtual reality campaigns. We invite you to join us on our exciting journey!

Our Team

We're a unique mix of vr developers, data scientists and most of all, immersive reality enthusiasts.
We have years of experience building successful products and companies.

Our Values







A Commitment to Data Integrity
Our platform takes privacy seriously. All data collected is stored on servers with the highest security standards. All data collected is anonymous.
Make Data Digestible
At Retinad we understand data can be confusing. That's why we're storytellers at heart and are committed to deciphering your data for you and delivering impactful insights which helps your organization grow.

Drive Compelling Immersive Content & Advertising

We firmly believe immersive media is transformative content, even if many of the rules and guidelines have not yet been written or discovered. We're driven by the data which will help creatives build their art and therefore make more engaging advertisements.

Our pledge to beautiful content and advertising


To ensure these values are maintained, Retinad, along with VR/AR Association and ADVIR have created the VR&AR Pledge --an ongoing commitment from industry leaders to promote healthy advertising in immersive media.

Our Offices



San Francisco



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