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Hersheys' Data Analysis


Data Analysis: Sessions

Consistent with the previous week, sessions were heaviest in the afternoon, with lowest consumption occurring in the morning and the late evening. To note is the failure of data collection for a three day period spanning October 23-25.

2. Performance

Views by Video

Watch Time by Video

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User Drop-Offs


Rate of Retention :
Content Perfomance Ranked

Users (Y) Through Time (X)

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Data Analysis: Performance

It is curious to note that while Happy Hallows is the most viewed video, it does not perform the best in terms of audience retention. Audience retention defines how rapidly users leave an experience through time. A lower bounce rate is an indication of more performant content.

In this case, Floating Curiosity, Sliding Delight and Lumbering Cheer are the best performers yet do not receive the highest viewership.

Recommendation: Offer viewers Sliding Delight and Lumbering Cheer as the front-and-center videos to watch, there will be much higher view-through and session completion.

3. Video Performance


1. Bouncing Bliss

 Fair Engagement

Audience Attention

2. Floating Curiosity

Low Engagement

3. Happy Hallows

Great Engagement

Audience Attention

Audience Attention


4. Lumbering Cheer

Fair Engagement


5. Sliding Delight

Great Engagement


Audience Attention


Audience Attention


Video Performance Data Analysis

We can see that Sliding Delight and Lumbering Cheer both have high performance in terms of content engagement. Engagement is measured as a function of how users behave and move throughout and experience.

The high engagement from these two experiences is also consistent with their high levels of audience retention.

Recommendation: Given that Lumbering Cheer and Floating Curiosity have the best retention rates with high and fair activity, respectively. This performance is indicative of the robustness of the levels, which each provide the most interactive objects and items to play with.