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2. Performance

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Funnel Analysis


3. Video Performance


1. KA

 Fair Engagement

Audience Attention

2. Miyubi

High Engagement

Audience Attention

3. Dreams of O

Fair Engagement

Audience Attention

Available next week

4. The Confessional

5. People's House

Great Engagement

Audience Attention

Available next week

Great Engagement

Audience Attention

Available next week

4. Benchmark Analysis

Content Used for Analysis *For Internal Use Only


On-Site VR Activation

Felix & Paul

Online VR Campaigns

Average Views: 57

       Average Views: 85

       Average Monthly Views: 5,500

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*While Felix & Paul's time-spent is slightly lower than the industry average, many industry experiences are 3:30-5:00 minutes in length and the rate of completion is much lower.

Felix & Paul's content performs well compared to similar branded online campaigns which suffer from poor time-spent and completion rates, despite receiving much higher viewership.

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Example Benchmark Videos & Activity

High Engagement

Low Engagement


Fair Engagement