Our mission

is to help pioneer VIRTUAL REALITY through data

We're on a deep quest researching and discovering the language of immersive media: virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Founded in 2014, we've developed a robust data analytics platform used by industry giants to help them test, measure and improve their virtual reality campaigns. We invite you to join us on our exciting journey!

Our Team

We're a unique mix of vr developers, data scientists and most of all, immersive reality enthusiasts.
We have years of experience building successful products and companies.

Our Values







A Commitment to Data Integrity
Our platform takes privacy very seriously. All data collected is stored on servers with the  highest security standards. All data collected is anonymous.
Make Data Digestible
At Retinad we understand data can be confusing. That's why we're storytellers at heart and are committed to deciphering your data for you and delivering impactful insights which can help your organization grow.

Drive Compelling Immersive Content & Advertising

We firmly believe immersive media is transformative content, even if many of the rules and guidelines have not yet been written or discovered. We're driven by the data which will help creatives build their art and therefore make more engaging advertisements.

Our pledge to beautiful content and advertising


To ensure these values are maintained, we along with VR/AR Association and ADVIR have created the VR&AR Pledge --an ongoing commitment from industry leaders to promote healthy advertising in immersive media.

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